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Baltimore Country Club was founded in 1898 and it was a success from the start, with 600 members enjoying its 150-acre facility less than five miles from downtown Baltimore. Just one year after opening, the Club gained immediate recognition in the golf world by hosting the fifth US Open. Today the Club is over 3,200 members strong with two campuses. It is widely recognized as one of the top 50 country clubs in the nation and top 100 in the world.


Our Philosophy

The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth is...

This statement is more than just words on a paper, it is a way of life for us here at BCC. Every interaction our members have at the club should be enjoyable and memorable. Our staff members take every step to go above and beyond to accomplish this. Often, there are easy ways to make a positive impression on our members, from saying happy birthday or congratulations on an award, but not being afraid to make the big gestures is what sets us apart.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Baltimore Country Club is a private, family-oriented association of members committed to camaraderie, tradition, and core values of dignity, courtesy, respect, and graciousness who enjoy social, golf, and recreational activities provided at the highest level of service in exceptional facilities.


Culture Statement

Culture Statement

When culture is connected with people, tradition, heart, hospitality, innovation, and facilities, WE WILL have built an environment that is rewarding, fun, and engaging that you are proud of and others are inspired by.


The Core Four

The Core Four

  1. Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy
    Take ownership & be accountable

  2. Empowerment Through Opportunity
    Be impactful with your actions

  3. Build Genuine Relationships
    Engage, be passionate, present, & empathetic

  4. Be Extraordinary
    Going beyond expectations is the standard



Create a culture where we C.A.R.E

Create a genuine approach to hospitality
Achieve budgeted goals
Respect and dignity for all
nal experiences at all times





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